We aim to promote the art and craft of home brewing. This includes beer, wine and mead. We help introduce the hobby to new brewers and help existing brewers improve their craft.

6th Street Brew Day 8/27

Tonight Brian and I will be brewing our signature American Pale Ale 'The Great Divide'.  This is the sixth or seventh time that this recipe has been brewed with very small adjustments due to changing equipment.  This recipe was originally formulated and brewed on 4/7/07 and it was our very first all grain batch.  It turned out so well that we just haven't been able to let it go.
The Great Divide
13 gals. pre boil
11.25 gals. post boil
60 min boil
Anticipated OG: 1.057
Anticipated FG: 1.013

Cache Brew Society Brew Day 7/23

On Friday July 23rd the Cache Brew Society got together again for another brew day.  Again we were brewing for Jeff Kenyon's wedding.  This go around we went with a very hoppy American Brown Ale.  The other beer (CBS Cream Ale) was designed more for those that would be partaking at the wedding but were not necessarily "craft beer" drinkers.  This one was for the rest of us that have an inkling for the malty goodness and an abundance of hops.

Hop Harvest is Almost Ready

The other day I was checking out my hops.  They are getting very close to being ready to pick.  I need to put together a recipe for a fresh hopped beer. Any suggestions?  The hops are mostly Chinnock with a few Centenial. A fresh hopped ale might be a good reason for a club brew day.

Mead Day 2010

It is upon us once again...Mead Day!  This Saturday, August 7,  is the American Homebrewers Association Mead Day.  Starting around 2 pm at my house we will be kicking off the festivities by making a batch of mead and consuming a fair share of assorted meads as well.  We will be firing up the grill and probably capping the evening off soaking in the hot tub.  Come join in the fun.

Cache Brew Society Brew Day 6/26

On Saturday 6/26/10 Cache Brew Society will be meeting at 6th Street Brewery (Andy's house) to brew a club beer for Jeff Kenyon's (Word) upcoming wedding on August 21st.  We will be brewing a Cream Ale.  A Cream Ale is a very light easily approachable beer that is often found confusing to those that do not understand the style.  It is in no way similar to a cream soda but much closer akin to our own domestic light lager although it is an ale.  This beer was decided upon mostly to be more consumable by individuals not familiar with craft beers.  This "lawn mower

Thirsty's Kodiak Brown Ale

On 6/12/10 I brewed an American Brown Ale formulated by Brewing KB's "Thirsty."  This big brown ale is inspired by Dogfish Head's Indian Brown Ale.
Kodiak Brown Ale
Pre Boil: 12.75 gals.
Post Boil: 10.75
Boil time: 90 min
OG: 1.063
SRM: 24.3
IBU's: 54.5
Mash @ 152
Mash out @ 167
16 lbs. German Pilsner
1.5 lbs. Amber malt
1.5 lbs. Coffee malt
1.5 lbs. Flaked maize
1 lb. Caramel 60L
0.5 lb. Light Roasted Barley
1 lb. Corn Sugar

6th Street Brew Day May 29th "Sorachi Ace APA"

I'll be brewing on May 29th for any that want to come give a hand or just help drain a keg.  I'll be brewing an American Pale Ale featuring an up and coming new hop variety, Sorachi Ace.  This hop was developed by a large Japanese brewery (Sapporo) and is a combination of Chzech Saaz and Brewer's Gold that is known for its lemony aroma.  I'll post a follow up with the recipe and details.  I'm excited for this one.  Brooklyn Brewery is one of the few breweries to showcase this hop in their Saison style release named simply "Sorachi Ace."

Big Brew Day 2010

Big Brew Day 2010 turned out well for the Cache Brewing Society.  We had three batches made for a total of 25 gallons of beer.  There were no major mishaps and it seems like everyone was hitting their gravities and runoff amounts.

Aaron and Josh were brewing a Scottish 80 Shilling.  They were using Andy's old Rubbermaid cooler system.  They made a 10 gallon batch.

Black Day IDA from 6th Street Brewery

Hey guys just wanted to share my recipe for the India Dark Ale that I made on 4/10/10.

Sour Mash Experiment #1

Sour Mash WortSour Mash WortI am planning on making a sour beer for my next brew session. I wanted to see how things might work if I did a sour mash. This is my first attempt.
I started with 16 oz of Maris Otter Pale Malt. I crushed the malt as I normally would and saved 1 oz of the crushed malt as the inoculating grain.