We aim to promote the art and craft of home brewing. This includes beer, wine and mead. We help introduce the hobby to new brewers and help existing brewers improve their craft.

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Beer Tastings: Squatter's Outer Darkness

I finally had the honor of imbibing Outer Darkness, a Russian Imperial Stout from Squatters Brewing in Salt Lake City. I love big, rich decadent beers and this wonderful offering didn’t fail to meet my expectations. The complexities found in quality examples of this style of beer are very tough to find anywhere else. This is, of course, not the kind of beer to take lightly and “drink a sixer or two.” The 22 oz. bottle makes it perfect for sharing as they do suggest.

Beer Tastings: Samuel Adams Noble Pils

On the second of February I had the pleasure of sampling the Noble Pils from Samuel Adams. This is one of my Dad’s favorite summertime quaffers with its light, refreshing and bitter character it’s not hard to see why. Here is what Samuel Adams (http://www.samueladams.com/index.aspx) has to say about their Noble Pils:

Beer Tastings

Boulevard Brewing Company Unfiltered Wheat
On January 20th the CBS met where we tasted and evaluated the Unfiltered Wheat from Boulevard Brewing.  The Boulevard website states that this beer is 4.4% ABV.  So it is apparent that they make a "smaller" example for states like ours that have alcohol restrictions because this was purchased at our local A Fresh Market.

Andy's Yeast Starter Guide

This is a rough draft of a yeast starter guide I have been working on.  Most of it was done after several beers and late at night so please forgive any clerical errors or inaccuracies.  I put this together with a lot of information available in many books and on the internet but especially need to thank the pod cast Brew Strong on the Brewing Network and its crew.  The guide is meant to cover most areas of concern in making yeast starters on a homebrewing scale but it is meant to be somewhat of an overview to most of the topics.

1/20/11 Cache Brewing Society Meeting

On Thursday, January 20th, the Cache Brewing Society will meet at 7 pm at Andy's house(unless noted otherwise.)  Agenda and tastings to be decided.

The RubE 12/26/10

The RubE...I have been thinking about brewing an Imperial Red Ale for quite awhile and just never got around to it.  The bold alcohol content, the assertive hop presence, the caramel and toasty notes setting the stage...mmm damn!  These are almost always great beers.  Not sure if I've ever had a bad one.  So about two months or so ago I was in Salt Lake and had to stop by Epic Brewing to pick up some of their terrific beers when I saw that they had an Imperial Red in the cooler.  Wish I would've picked a few more up but my tab was already approaching $80 and I

Mormon Midnight Stout

This recipe is very loosely based off of a chocolate coffee stout that Goods and I have been brewing for several years now.  This time around I was looking to develop a recipe that ultimately could be served in a Utah pub, hence the preface "Mormon."  This is the first in a series of four different styles that will follow Utah's strict alcohol limits placed on draft beer served.  To follow will be an American style wheat beer, a brown ale and a pale ale.  In the past we have used actual chocolate at the end of the boil but with the high quality malts available

Blackeye 11/27/10

On the 27th of November my Mom and I made a hoppy Black Ale that for lack of any better name was dubbed Blackeye.  I have been quite enamored with a new style out this year that seems to go under several names: Black IPA, Cascadian Dark Ale or simply India Dark Ale.  I also love moderate alcohol style beers that I can consume several pints of and still make it to work on time the next day.  So naturally the next step was a black ale that resembled the flavor profile found in an American P

Baltic Porter 10/1/10

On the first of October my Mom and I made a Baltic Porter.  My Mom was in town from Rhode Island and really wanted to give the Brew Magic a run for its money with this hefty style.  Everything went well, although I damn near had a stuck mash and had a few nasty dough balls with the excessive grain bill.  Within 10 minutes everything was going smoothly as usual.