We aim to promote the art and craft of home brewing. This includes beer, wine and mead. We help introduce the hobby to new brewers and help existing brewers improve their craft.

January Meeting - Draft Beer at Home

Do you want to learn the basics of how to serve your own draft beer or soda at home?  The topic for this months meeting of the Cache Brewing Society is setting up your own keg system.  The meeting will be held on the 22nd at 7:00pm.  We will be meeting at Majestic Mountain Sage (2490 South 1350 west, Nibley Utah).  Any questions call Dirk at 435-890-0951

Learn To Brew Recipe

For the Learn To Brew day this year we decided to use a single style of beer.  We are going to make an Irish red ale.
Irish red ale is a blanced beer with moderate malt character that often comes across as toasted and subtle caramel notes.  The deep reddish copper color comes from a small dose of highly kilned malt that also adds to the dry finish.
The recipe that we have selected is the Ruabeoir from Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer.

Learn To Homebrew Day

On October 4th Cache Brewing Society members met for our October meeting. It was decided that we would participate in the American Homebrewers Association's Learn To Homebrew Day in an attempt to educate and possibly inspire new brewers to enjoy the wonderful hobby that we enjoy.

Beehive Brew Off '12

That time of year again guys...the Beehive Brew Off is accepting entries in about 2 weeks.

AHA's Big Brew Day

It's that time of year again. Cache Brewing Society will be hosting it's 4, wait no 5th(?) annual American Homebrewers Association Big Brew Day.

Hops Direct Yard Sale

Check this out guys: http://www.hopsdirect.com/store/hop-yard-sale.html
Get them while they last. I got a pound of Columbus for $6, Amarillo for $16.50 and a pound of Hallertauer Mittlefreu for $10.95! Yes I did say Hallertauer for 11 bucks and yes that is for a pound! Sure beats paying $2 an ounce.

Email group

Hey guys,
Thanks to Dirk we have a new email group talk@cachebrewingsociety.com 
Just send an email to that address with your name and Dirk will hook you up. This will make it much easier to set up meetings and general correspondence within the group.
Please sign up now!

4CIPA Recipe

I haven't posted a recipe in quite sometime so here's what's in the fermenter:


American IPA


NHC Registration coming up real fast!

Hey guys,
This seems to always sneak up on me so I thought I would warn everyone in case you were considering entering this year. Info below:

Instructional Brew Day

On 2/18 we will be having a brew day at my house.  We will be helping Chad brew an extract with steeping grains batch and wanted to invite everyone who is interested in coming out and learning to brew to join us.  We will be starting at 10 a.m. 
You can contact me at 435-512-5049 if you're interested in joining us.