USU Veteran's Association Instructional Brew Day

On February 22nd Cache Brewing Society will be hosting the USU Veteran’s Association for an Instructional Brew Day at Majestic Mountain Sage (2490 S. 1350 W. Nibley). Looking to kickoff the brew day around 11 am. I think it would be nice to combine the brew day into a BBQ/potluck event as well.
Already lined up to brew are myself and Eugene with all-grain batches and Brandon with an extract batch. There is certainly room for more active brew sessions on the day of the event so don’t be shy. If you would like to brew for this please speak up. It would be nice to have wide variety of beers being brewed, brewing styles and equipment for the “show and tell.” Dirk is looking at setting up an ingredient/equipment presentation during the brew day to help familiarize people new to the hobby with ingredients, processes etc.
It would be great to have a strong CBS member showing at this event to help welcome new brewer’s to the wonderful hobby that we enjoy. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions now is the time. Please feel free to bring any friends, family or others interested.
Also, this may be a good time to start organizing food for the event. We have had some great food present at our past events and this provides another opportunity to not only showcase our beers and brewing knowledge but our culinary skills as well. Food has played a large role in our meetings and I feel this should be no different.
Let me know what you guys think,