AHA's Big Brew Day

It's that time of year again. Cache Brewing Society will be hosting it's 4, wait no 5th(?) annual American Homebrewers Association Big Brew Day.
Every year on the first Saturday of May brewers around the US (and some abroad) raise their glasses in toast to homebrewing and the thorough enjoyment we all get out of this amazing hobby. We then cross mash paddles and begin the nearly holy act of producing fine ales and lagers. We attempt to bring brewers together to enjoy, if even for just one day a year, brewing along side their fellow compatriots.
This year we have found the "Big Brew Day" coinciding with Cinco de Mayo, which provides a bit of a relaxed "have a few brews" type of attitude for not only the brewers but for friends, family and anyone interested in attending. There will be some Latin themed food available even if there aren't any Coronas and limes around!
Big Brew Day provides opportunities for brewers to check out other equipment set ups and processes as well as new brewers or people interested in making their own to see what its all about in a fun relaxing enviroment. Not to mention plenty of good beer and food all for free.
Every year Cache Brewing Society has held this event has been an amazing time. If you or someone you know is interested in participating, whether it's setting up your own batch, learning from others or just want to come and enjoy the company and fine brews then come on down.
We will be setting up at 10 am on May 5th with an annual toast at 11. If you're interested you can contact me directly at andrew.jensen@iconfitness or (435)512-5049.
Hope to see you there,