O-Town Hop Heads Meeting - 2012/01/12

I would like to thank my brewing brothers and sister from the O-Town Hops Heads (http://o-townhopheads.tripod.com) for welcoming me to their club meeting.  I really enjoyed the evening.

This month's meeting was hosted by Union Station Fermentation located on Historic 25th Street in downtown Ogden Utah. Things started about 6:30 pm with people starting to filter into the shop. It was fun to see the number of people that came in with a bottle or two to share and get feedback on.

Gregg (who seems to be the head honcho) started off the meeting with some basic house keeping items. Club dues are $20.00 a year. Normally the big due drive is at the begining of the year. One of the items discussed was about purchasing a beer sensory evaluation/training kit. Many of the club members thought that the suggestion was worth spending club money on and should be a seperate  event from the normal club meeting.

They talked about BJCP training and how there is a company called Beer Judge Education (http://beerjudgeeducation.com) that provides online training for the BJCP exams. Craig suggested that they contact the company to see if a club deal could be worked out.

Bart did some water analysis from Ogden City water and from water from the Stump water in North Ogden. Stump water is from a spring or artesian well that is location in North Ogden around 2600 N Washington Blvd.  Bart's water report seems to indicate that Stump water would be much better for brewing beer than Ogden City water. Anyone that has had Stump water would probably agree.

Gregg asked how many people would be interested in club T-shirts. I think that it was a nearly unaminous show of hands. I think that there were about 17 people present.

About this time beer samples began to be passed around. Sampling was not very structured, but it was not a free-for-all either. Nigel (Union Station Fermentation) provided sampler cups, or members brought their own. Bottles were passed and samples poured. I don't remember everything that was shared, but they ranged from Cherry Chocolate Imperial Stout to Bee Balm Herb Beer bottle conditioned with golden raisins. There was a Pumpkin Beer (a little heavy on the nutmeg for my tastes), some mead, Belgian Witt and many others.

Overall the meeting was a pleasant mix of a very casual club meeting followed by a tasting and social session. By about 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm things were starting to breakup and people were headed out and on their way.

If you are a home brewer and you live within the Box Elder, Weber or North Davis county area, the O-Town Hop Heads are a great group to join. You will have fun and you just might learn a thing to two in the process.