2011 Beehive Brew-Off

The time is approaching for the 3rd Annual Beehive Brew-Off. It is a BJCP brewing competition for the State of Utah and the surrounding areas. Entries are $5.00 each consisting of three 12 oz bottles. Entries for this year's competition will be accepted at The Beer Nut in Salt Lake City begining August 1st through August 15th.
This is a wonderful opportunity to have your beer judged by BJCP judges and/or professional brewers from the State of Utah.
I am hoping that the Cache Brewing Society can bring it strong this year with an entry from each member. If you don't have a beer ready there is still time to brew one (or two). Don't worry about not being up to the competition. This is about getting good feedback on how to improve your brew. Whether you are a seasoned all-grain brewer or a beginning extract brewer their is something for everyone to learn.
If you need help in getting a brew ready to submit, or even get ready to start, be sure to ask any club member. I'm sure that you can find the help you need.
I am planning on driving entries down to The Beer Nut sometime during the week of August 8th. Probably on August 13th. You are welcomed to send your entries down with me.
Lets show the rest of the state that we know how to brew here in Cache Valley.