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Hop Harvest is Almost Ready

The other day I was checking out my hops.  They are getting very close to being ready to pick.  I need to put together a recipe for a fresh hopped beer. Any suggestions?  The hops are mostly Chinnock with a few Centenial. A fresh hopped ale might be a good reason for a club brew day.

Big Brew Day 2010

Big Brew Day 2010 turned out well for the Cache Brewing Society.  We had three batches made for a total of 25 gallons of beer.  There were no major mishaps and it seems like everyone was hitting their gravities and runoff amounts.

Aaron and Josh were brewing a Scottish 80 Shilling.  They were using Andy's old Rubbermaid cooler system.  They made a 10 gallon batch.

Sour Mash Experiment #1

Sour Mash WortSour Mash WortI am planning on making a sour beer for my next brew session. I wanted to see how things might work if I did a sour mash. This is my first attempt.
I started with 16 oz of Maris Otter Pale Malt. I crushed the malt as I normally would and saved 1 oz of the crushed malt as the inoculating grain.

St. Patrick's Day

Irish Red AleMarch 17th is St. Patrick's Day, and on St. Patrick's day everyone is a little Irish. So why not celebrate and drink an Irish beer.
By the way, Irish beer is NOT green. Most of the time it is not even a pale yellow.  The two best know styles of Irish beer are Dry Stout and Irish Red Ale.

Big Brew Planning

Brew BrewIt is time to start planning for Big Brew Day (National Homebrew Day) on Saturday, May 1st 2010. We are planning to meet as a club and brew. The AHA has some suggested recipes for the day, including:

  • American Craft Beer Wheat
  • Scottish Export 80 Schilling
  • Rocktoberfest Lager

Bridger Brew Crew Competition

There is a home brewing competition in Bozeman Montana that the Bridger Brew Crew is sponsoring. Entry deadline is March 6th.

I have entered two beers for this competition, Triple-X Milk Stout and Better Red Than Dead.